After over twenty years of intense oppression, warfare, near-death experiences and other traumas, and a personal attack from Satan, Ness was completely restored as Jesus taught her the fullness of the Cross-Exchange He died for her to have. Her testimony, too enormous to fit on a webpage, will be published in her upcoming book, Disciple's Path. She now ministers in the Canberra and Yass regions, to those He puts in front of her, watching Him restore each one to wholeness.  


Throughout her life journey, Ness saw the deep need for people to be thoroughly healed and liberated from the various tactics Satan uses against humanity. Many ministries saw partial breakthrough, but without utilising all Christ's teachings, they failed to have ALL the truth. . . thus, not all were fully set free (John 8:32). A qualified minister through Francis Frangipane's In Christ's Image Training, The Divinity Code, Bethel Sozo Australia, and Beth Shalom Texas, Ness is passionate about helping others walk into the freedom God wants for them. 

Despite her extensive ministry training, Ness learned the full set of Isaiah 61 Cross-Exchange principles when Jesus took her beyond all of it, to restore her from schizophrenic PTSD. After a personal attack from Satan, Ness was held captive in the Realm of Death & Hades, her inner being ripped from her body in Loopy 'cross-dimensional' Logic. Tormented in the Underworld, she asked Jesus for "the fullness of the Cross-Exchange You died for me to have. Whatever it looks like, teach me from the Bible." Jesus gives us whatever we ask according to His will - He proceeded to train her in the full Isaiah 61 principles; how to do them (James 1:22-25). Annulling all Legalistic claims the enemy had had to her life, Ness was rescued from the Underworld and restored to wholeness by Jesus, the New Covenant Mediator.

He taught her how to break yokes of slavery, remove mindsets (aka, strongholds), and how to restore the crushed spirit (Prov. 18:14). All were necessary for her own restoration journey, detailed in her upcoming book, Disciple's Path. For anyone to be in Christ's image, they must be in the state He declared of Himself - with no claim on them from the kingdom of darkness (John 14:30). This ministry is thus about strategically annulling all claims the 'Anti-Kingdom' has to your life, letting Jesus sweep everything clean and put it in order. You then become truly hedged round about from Satan's devices, above the kingdom of darkness and able to use Christ's 'ALL-Authority,' now undiluted in you, to thwart the enemy over others. 

The Isaiah 61 Cross-Exchange

Scriptural Inner Healing & Deliverance Ministry

Luke 4:16-21
Isaiah 61 is Jesus' Own ministry statement; it's what all ministers, trained and equipped by God, will be doing. This chapter is the constitutional 'clauses' of the liberating New Covenant legal system - the Law of the Spirit of Life. All humanity before doing the Cross-Exchange are, by default, under the only alternative - the cursed, tyrannical Old Covenant legal system - the Law of Sin & Death (Rom. 8). All must personally Exchange from one to the other. Since Isaiah 61 involves more than the spirit being born again, addressing the healing of the heart (the inmost part of the soul; Ps. 51:6), liberation and restoration of the soul, and obtaining Christ's inheritance for your time on Earth, all must receive the full ministry of Christ before they're whole and effective to minister the fullness of the New Covenant to others.

Restoring Damage:

The root word of 'brokenhearted' in Isaiah 61 ('shabar') means to shatter, like a bone fracture. As one thinks in their heart, so are they (Prov. 23:7) - thus, the battlefield is NOT the mind, but the heart, which affects the mind. Satan put the thought of betraying Jesus into Judas Iscariot's heart (John 13:2, KJV) - meaning the heart is where Satan gains access where he gets a claim, opening a Gate Of Hell access-point into it. From there, he uses demonic and fallen angelic minions to condition the heart's thoughts with 'malware,' poisoning the entire spirit-soul-body being on Self-Destruct Mode, the body and life Not Prospering since the soul isn't (3 John 1:2).

If the heart's damaged (self-divided/'double'), it creates a double mind; disassociation of the fractured heart leads to mental illness. A sorrowing heart also crushes the spirit (Prov. 15:13 & 18:14) - the deepest level of damage the inner being can sustain. Unaddressed, this can lead to 'Loopy Logic,' self-hatred, catatonia and suicide or other physical death, since the spirit's Power, Love and Sound Mind (2 Tim. 1:7) faculties are compromised. Hence, God is near to the brokenhearted, who are vulnerable to deeper damage, and must rescue the crushed in spirit, who are too weak to help themselves (Ps. 34:18).

Annulling Claims:

We are to be non-Ignorant of Satan's devices (2 Corin. 2:11); I learned what they are not from Morbid Fascination or Paranoia, but to avoid perishing from them. Jesus said Satan, the prince of the world "has no claim on Me." (John 14:30) Other translations of this passage say "has nothing in" or "no hold on Me." For anyone to be truly in Christ's image, they must be in that same state - with no claim on, no device in, and no hold over them by the kingdom of darkness. There are many other claim-types the 'Anti-Kingdom' can have to a human besides personal sin. Some include trauma, foresworn agreements (Matt. 5:32) and generational sins which get visited on the next generation as outstanding claims over the infant's life, from conception (Deut. 5:9; Lev. 26:40). All must be annulled for anyone to experience wholeness, and walk in the full calling and Abundant Life Jesus has for them.

Mindsets & The Heart:

In the Cross-Exchange ministry sessions, we sit down with Jesus, for Him to reveal any claim Satan has over your life, annul it, and restore you from. Freedom is for those who truly want it - all Jesus needs is your Free-Will cooperation. The reason many inner healing and deliverance ministries fail to see thorough results is they're not thorough in binding, silencing and neutralising the agents of darkness or removing 'Defence-Mechanism' Strongholds preventing ministry reaching the heart. Strongholds are mindsets of reasonings raised structurally up in the inner being against the true relational knowlege of God (2 Corin. 10:5-7). They may present as insecurities, lies believed about God, all manner of thoughts that clearly aren't sourced in Him. These mindsets deflect His Spirit from reaching the heart to resolve the damage - which is why you've probably had experiences where you received a degree of ministry, but didn't feel it got to the heart of the matter. You're right - the heart IS the matter. In our Cross-Exchange sessions, we do thorough preparation, neutralising the Anti-Kingdom over your life and letting Jesus govern all faculties of your being, for Him to do His Deep, once-and-forever work in you, producing permanent results. 

Seven Times Worse. . .

If you Evict the demonic but don't let Jesus bind up the heart from damage they did, you'll get reinfected. . . seven times worse. If you bind up the heart but fail to annul claims or Evict the soul-parasites that moved in on those claims, they're going to re-break it, rounding up seven other spirits with bigger authority than themselves and busting their way back in. Your final state will be worse than before (Matt. 12:43-45). Both these scenarios exemplify non-thorough 'surgery' on the inner being; let Jesus do a thorough work, annulling claims, Evicting whatever moved in on those claims, then restoring the damage they did, and His work stays done.

Our ministry sessions allow Jesus to do a thorough work in you, for lasting breakthrough. Jesus often sends me the Desperate ones who've been to loads of other deliverance ministries out there - He had to give me His Ultra-Thorough approach to set me free; meaning now He uses me to do His Thorough work in others. If you're Desperate, and Willing to let Jesus do whatever He needs to in you, you will be set free; not an Outlandish promise - it's the New Covenant Guarantee.

When He and I commenced ministry, Jesus said He'd equipped me with His full Isaiah 61 principle-tools "to allow Me to set even the most multi-claimed individuals free, and restore them from the most catastrophic inner being damage." Meaning. . . He brings me the Biggest cases, and does everything they need. I don't care if you were covenanted to Satan, have Freemasonry leaking out of your entire heritage, are being followed around by witches and are having Freaky hallucinations and out-of-body experiences - Jesus will deal with everything, if you Free-Will let Him. Period. He's Amazing like that.


Here's how sessions get booked: Jesus tells me about the next person He's going to bring me. Then plonks them in front of me. They get Top Priority until He says they've received His full work. Meaning, if He's announced you to me, you're on my books. It's His ministry, He gets to say who's next on the list. If He's put you before me, it's His plan and you'll see everything He needs for you done. That's how He said He wanted it done from Day 1 of our ministry, and that's how He does it. He brings me those who have a ready heart, who will Free-Will cooperate with His Spirit. He and I co-labour to give you 'Roadside Assist,' to get you restored and able to fly solo with Him yourself. 

If you've got an in-person session booked, you need only turn up as arranged, email through your scanned liability release form (below) and make your donation online or in person. Download the Daily Binding & Loosing Prayer (below) and pray it first thing each morning until Jesus confirms all claims are annulled off your life. Prioritise your daily worship and Bible-Reading time with Jesus so He can start replenishing your inner being before, during and after claim-annulment. Worship is drinking of the Living Waters of the Holy Spirit - something we're to do constantly (Eph. 5: 18; Col. 3:23; Deut. 6:4-7) for optimal hydration of the heart. You need the milk, then the meat of the Scriptures as your nutrition also (Hebr. 5:12-14).

If you've booked a videoconference session, please:

1. Email through your signed liability release form.

2. Download WhatsApp for PC. 
We use WhatsApp because it's end-to-end encrypted, a totally secure video conference call allowing you to share privately, with minimal connectivity issues. Nothing is discussed with others, and what notes are taken are used only for easy recall, then destroyed at the end of the session - excepting any promises/direction God gave you, which gets emailed to you for personal review. WhatsApp is free to use, allowing for maximum accessibility. 

Please install WhatsApp before your session and ensure everything's working properly. Download from: https://www.whatsapp.com/download

3. Order the Exodus 30 Anointing Oil. This is non-optional, as the oil is required for breaking yokes of slavery. It's not that a session is refused you if you don't order this, however you will not be totally free without breaking slavery-yokes, which get laid on any claimed area of the heart. It can be Agonizingly painful if you skip this step.

This is the oil Jesus directed me to use, and I saw the Epic, Instantly-Liberated results. It's the exact recipe detailed in Exodus 30, each representing parts of the essence of Christ. Like water baptism is a natural event that unlocks the spiritual reality of Holy Spirit baptism, or the communion supper activates spiritual communion between you and Jesus, applying this oil is also a natural event that activates spirit realm realities. So many only anoint with olive oil, which commissions for ministry - however, they need the other ingredients, some of which restore the damaged spirit, others which break slavery-yokes. Letting Christ do a thorough work in you means. . . you need everything. Most haven't received the full 'principle-package,' for themselves, which is why so many ministers are still just as bound as those they're futilely trying to set free, sadly. Far from being finicky, this oil gives you the 'full package' all at once. I'd anointed with oil before, but it was only when I used this complete one under Jesus' direction that I felt the slavery-yokes break off. You can use this oil to command physical healing (James 5:14) and consecrate your dwelling/property, shoring it up from Freaky agents wafting in to oppress you in the night. 

Info on the oil: https://www.curtlandry.com/the-kings-oil/
Purchase here (you only need one): https://www.curtlandry.com/product/holy-anointing-oil/

This oil is utilised by the minister in in-person sessions, but due to logistical reasons, videoconference ministrees must purchase their own. Once your anointing oil arrives, we'll confirm a session time.
Essential Weapons: The Daily Binding & Loosing Prayer
The Daily Binding & Loosing Prayer is the ultimate crafted prayer to give even the most oppressed individuals thorough protection from the kingdom of darkness. The result of years of biblical meditation, ministry training and Asking Jesus Questions, this prayer provides temporary 'Bivouac Shelter' protection to neutralise enemy fire, give you solid ground to stand on, and remove unhelpful chatter from the Anti-Kingdom (and your own Freaked Out soul), so you can hear the Lord's voice most effectively. Activating the reality of an open heaven by removing all evil forces from the atmosphere around you, this daily prayer is how Jesus led me to wholeness when Satan personally tried to take me out. It's your 'Damage-Control' prayer for all situations, good, bad or Freaky-Oppressed. If you're under fire, please download this free prayer and do it daily. Please share it with others in my beloved 'Desperate, Isolated Kingdom-Seekers' category. I pray Jesus gets you to His Next Step for you with it, precious one.

Gifts & Donations

If you desire to support Ness in her ministry work, please follow the links below. Each donation keeps her free to minister to the desperate and broken, who Need Jesus Right Now. If you desire to sponsor someone specific for ministry, please specify their name in the donation description. If you desire to give towards anyone receiving ministry, please also specify with your donation. 


Session Fees & Ministry Support

For those who can afford to, a suggested minimum donation of $150 for the first session, and $75 for any follow-up sessions is recommended. Since sessions may go for 5 hours, this simply keeps Ness available to minister to the desperate. If you honestly cannot afford this, negotiation is possible upon request. The priority is your wholeness, you receiving all Jesus has for you. A suggested minimum donation policy also helps cover the cost of sessions for those who cannot afford it. If you sense to give towards another's freedom, donations can be made via the PayPal button. If paying for an appointment, please include your name in the payment description. If donating for others, please also specify in the description.

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