After over twenty years of intense oppression, warfare, near-death experiences and other traumas, and a culminating personal attack from Satan, Ness was completely restored as Jesus taught her the fullness of the Isaiah 61 Cross-Exchange He died for her to have. Among other things, He restored her from Schitzophrenic inner-being damage, catatonia, a Crushed spirit (and all the Agony that goes with that), self-hatred, depression, Suicide-Logic and intense PTSD. Her testimony, too enormous to fit on a webpage, will be published in her upcoming book, Disciple's Path. She now ministers in the Canberra and Yass regions, to those He puts in front of her, watching Him restore each one to wholeness.  


Throughout her life journey, Ness saw the deep need for people to be thoroughly healed and liberated from the various tactics Satan uses against humanity. Many ministries see partial breakthrough, but without utilising all Christ's teachings, they fail to have all the truth. . . thus, not all are fully set free (John 8:32). A qualified minister through Francis Frangipane's In Christ's Image Training, The Divinity Code, Bethel Sozo Australia, and Beth Shalom Texas, Ness is passionate about helping others walk into the freedom God wants for them.

For anyone to be in Christ's image, they must be in the state He declared of Himself - with no claim on them from the kingdom of darkness (John 14:30). Where a claim exists, an access-point called a Gate of Hell (Matt. 16:17-19) is opened into someone's being, for the forces of darkness to bring oppression, torment and compromise.

This ministry is about strategically annulling all claims the 'Anti-Kingdom' has to your life, letting Jesus sweep everything clean and put it in order. You then become truly hedged round about from Satan's devices, above the kingdom of darkness and able to use Christ's 'ALL-Authority,' now undiluted in you, to thwart the enemy over others. 



Here's how sessions get booked: Jesus tells me about the next person He's going to bring me. Then plonks them in front of me. They get Top Priority until He says they've received His full work. Meaning, if He's announced you to me, you're on my books. It's His ministry, He gets to say who's next on the list. If He's put you before me, it's His plan and you'll see everything He needs for you done. That's how He said He wanted it done from Day 1 of our ministry, and that's how He does it. He brings me those who have a ready heart, who will Free-Will cooperate with His Spirit. He and I co-labour to give you 'Roadside Assist,' to get you restored and able to fly solo with Him yourself. 

If you've got an in-person session booked, you need only turn up as arranged, email through your scanned liability release form (below) and make your donation online or in person. Download the Daily Binding & Loosing Prayer (below) and pray it first thing each morning until Jesus confirms all claims are annulled off your life. Prioritise your daily worship and Bible-Reading time with Jesus so He can start replenishing your inner being before, during and after claim-annulment. Worship is drinking of the Living Waters of the Holy Spirit - something we're to do constantly (Eph. 5: 18; Col. 3:23; Deut. 6:4-7) for optimal 'heart-hydration.' You need the milk, then the meat of the Scriptures as your nutrition also (Hebr. 5:12-14).

If you've booked a videoconference session, please:

1. Email through your signed liability release form.

2. Download Telegram for PC. 
We use Telegram because it's end-to-end encrypted, a totally secure video conference call allowing you to share privately, with minimal connectivity issues. Nothing is discussed with others, and what notes are taken are used only for easy recall, then destroyed at the end of the session - excepting any promises/direction God gave you, which gets emailed to you for personal review. Telegram is free to use, allowing for maximum accessibility. 

Please install Telegram before your session and ensure everything's working properly. Download from: https://desktop.telegram.org/
Essential Weapons: The Daily Binding & Loosing Prayer
The Daily Binding & Loosing Prayer is the ultimate crafted prayer to give even the most oppressed individuals thorough protection from the kingdom of darkness. The result of years of biblical meditation, ministry training and Asking Jesus Questions, this prayer provides temporary 'Bivouac Shelter' protection to neutralise enemy fire, give you solid ground to stand on, and remove unhelpful chatter from the Anti-Kingdom (and your own Freaked Out soul), so you can hear the Lord's voice most effectively. Activating the reality of an open heaven by removing all evil forces from the atmosphere around you, this daily prayer is how Jesus led me to wholeness when Satan personally tried to take me out. It's your 'Damage-Control' prayer for all situations, good, bad or Freaky-Oppressed. If you're under fire, please download this free prayer and do it daily. Please share it with others in my beloved 'Desperate, Isolated Kingdom-Seekers' category. I pray Jesus gets you to His Next Step for you with it, precious one.

Gifts & Donations

If you desire to support Ness in her ministry work, please follow the links below. Each donation keeps her free to minister to the desperate and broken, who Need Jesus Right Now. If you desire to sponsor someone specific for ministry, or to donate towards others receiving their own sessions, please use the PayPal button below.

Session Fees & Ministry Support

For those who can afford to, a suggested minimum donation of $150 for the first session, and $75 for any follow-up sessions is recommended. Since sessions may go for 5 hours, this simply keeps Ness available to minister to the desperate. If you cannot afford this, negotiation is possible upon request. The priority is your wholeness, you receiving all Jesus has for you.

A suggested minimum donation policy also helps cover the cost of sessions for those who cannot afford it. If you sense to give towards another's freedom, donations can be made via the PayPal button. 

Email Testimonies

Please send testimonies to the email address below.


If you desire to support Ness in her ministry work and creative ventures, please contact via email or through Instagram. Donations can be made via the following button.

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