About Silk Painting & Slow Dyeing

Silk painting is a unique art form falling into the 'slow dyeing' category. Slow dyeing is any method of textile dyeing that is not mass-produced and usually involves the creation, dyeing and sewing of textiles entirely, or primarily by hand. Traditional silk painting is performed by suspending silk on a frame and applying dye to the surface. The dyes flow freely on the silk, creating a unique effect each time. No design can be exactly replicated. A wide variety of effects can be achieved by adding salt, water, alcohol and other mediums to the painting process.

The Serti method of silk painting utilises a liquid rubber resist known as gutta, applying it to the fabric as an outline to be 'coloured in.' Once properly set, the gutta fills the silk fibres, providing a barrier that the dye cannot pass through. This allows the artist to create elaborate fine art designs.

Ness discovered silk painting at seven years of age and, due to its rarity, has been self-taught ever since. She is passionate about preserving the art form in Australia.

Ness is experienced in other slow dyeing traditions including batik, shibori and eco-printing, many of which she has adapted to her silk painting knowledge base, 'hybridising' multiple traditions for innovative new effects. Her original textile designs can be purchased through Etsy and are subject to availability; each work is a one-of-a-kind that takes many hours of hands-on activity and is impossible to reproduce exactly. Digitisations of her work are available to be custom-printed on a variety of fabrics and accessories through Redbubble and Spoonflower.

Thoughtfully Produced, Versatile ArtWear:

Ness produces an exclusive line of wearable art utilising slow dyeing practices and seeking to solve problems creatively. Each item is lovingly hand-dyed and sewn, a process taking many hours and a broad range of advanced fabric dyeing skills. These unique, artisan garments utilise natural and/or sustainably produced fibres, sourced for their health benefits, longevity and lower environmental impact than synthetic fibres. The two feature products in this line are the versatile Multi-Scarf and Multi-Veil. Drawing on minimalist and slow fashion ideals, each can be worn many different ways, allowing the wearer to maintain a flexible wardrobe in one garment without compromising on style. Whether it's the chaos of an incoherent wardrobe or the deeper troubles of hair loss, these items aim to provide a range of unique solutions, beautifully.

The Multi-Scarf:

Who has ever stared into their overflowing closet and screamed that they have nothing to wear? In a society overwhelmed by fast fashion and synthetic fibres, many have begun seeking a simplified personal style. If they successfully cull to one of everything, they face the boredom of an unvarying wardrobe. With the apparent impossibility of having the best of both worlds, many have found themselves swinging between wild bursts of culling and 'restocking.'

Introducing the Multi-Scarf! A unique garment designed to end the frustration beautifully, the Multi-Scarf can be worn 10+ ways, providing endless variety without the bulk. Made with natural and sustainably sourced fibres and specialist slow dyeing methods, each garment is unique, guaranteeing that nobody can duplicate your style. A must-have for the fashion-conscious traveller, the Multi-Scarf can be rolled up very small and light, providing a myriad of elegant outfits without compromising luggage allowance or space. Washing is a breeze - simply shampoo, condition and rinse, then iron or hang to dry. To remove creasing, just  hang over the towel rail during your next shower and the steam will remove it for you!

The Multi-Veil:

After losing a relative to cancer, Ness learned first-hand about the impact hair loss can have on personal confidence. Her response is the Multi-Veil, an artisan silk headscarf for hair loss victims and post-surgery patients. The 100% pure, A-grade silk provides effortless, non-irritating, breathable coverage while the unique textile designs aim to bestow value and beauty in a personal way. Its generous size allows freedom of arrangement, doubling as an elegant multi-wear wrap, dance veil and a one-of-a-kind head covering for those desiring to honour their faith. Dyed using low-impact methods and dyes, this scarf is kind to skin and the environment.
Art Prints on RedBubble & Spoonflower:
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Originals of Ness' fine art, slow fashion and wirework jewelry designs can be purchased at the following galleries and craft cooperatives:

Win's Creek Meadery
Address: 18 East St, Barton Highway, Murrumbateman, NSW, 2582.
Website: https://bindaree.com.au/wins-creek-meadery/
Phone: 0413 378 315

Gift Makers of Yass
Address: 173 Comur St, Yass, NSW, 2582.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/giftmakersofyass/
Phone: (02) 6226 3348

Encount3r Church
Address: 33 Comur St, Yass, NSW, 2582.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/463156294281243/
Phone: 0428 006 613
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