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Ness is a creative enigma encompassing many facets of music and visual art. A versatile multidisciplinary artist, her experience ranges across textiles, watercolour, composition, studio recording and live performance. An adventuring artist, her work embodies her love of life and most impactful experiences. This website showcases different facets of her nature and creative ventures – click on each heading to learn more! 

FiNess Studios celebrates the creatively unique and niche in aural and visual arts. Ness is passionate about fostering the arts while creating beautiful items that address real problems. Among her many pursuits, her range of slow-dyed silk headscarves aim to give hair loss victims something uniquely beautiful to restore personal value and confidence. 


Original & Creatively Interpreted Music
Original, Hand-Dyed Slow Textile Designs & Digital Prints. Discover The World Of Silk Painting & Slow Dyeing Practices!
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As a creative adventurer, Ness is always on the go or happily ensconsed in the Creative Cave. Stay up to date with her escapades and artsy endeavours through Instagram, YouTube, Spoonflower and RedBubble.

More concerned with social contribution than spotlights, she prefers her art to speak for itself as she pursues avenues to benefit others with creativity. Please reach out on Instagram or via email if you have any enquiries.

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